Review Policy

I am more than happy to accept books to read and review on my page. Before contacting me, please read the following terms:

While I do average 2-3 books per week, and love to be contacted regarding book reviews, contacting me does not guarantee that I will be able to read and review a book. I do my best, but do have a full time job to maintain as well.

I generally prefer to receive print books, but will accept ebooks in both MOBI and EPUB formats.

I enjoy the following genres (the bolded genres are my favorites):


High Fantasy 

Paranormal Romance

Contemporary Romance

Any and all YA

I rate on a 5 star system:

5 Stars: This is a book that I will run out and purchase in hardcover immediately after finishing to place on my favorite’s shelf. All of my poor coworkers and friends will hear about this book until one inevitably gives in and reads it so we can gush about its amazingness together.

4 Stars: While not a flawless masterpiece, this book was one that I thoroughly enjoyed and plan to recommend to friends and family. If I rate the first book in a series 4 stars, I will definitely continue to read that series or other books by this author.

3 Stars: A 3 star book was one that I was able to finish but still found flawed. While it is likely that I will give other books by this Author a chance, I will be unlikely to recommend it to friends and readers.

2 Stars: This book was hard for me to finish – either the writing style or the plot didn’t agree with me. Books that are not in a genre that I typically enjoy may fall into this rating category.

1 Star: I could not bring myself to finish this book and hope to never see it again. This book will be treated like that ex-boyfriend that you unfriend, delete from contacts, and hope to never run into in public.

I post my reviews on my blog (of course!), Goodreads, and Amazon. I also share all of my reviews on my social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Upon receiving a book, it is my goal to have a review posted as quickly as possible – usually within a week (two if my currently reading list is huge).