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Guest Post – KJ Taylor



Black Phoenix Publishing Collective announces its emergence into the YA publishing scene with a unique contribution by talented and acclaimed Australian fantasy author, K.J. Taylor. Her latest book, THE PRICE OF MAGIC, introduces readers to a new type of magical hero, Pip, who was born with a gift and a curse. Pip’s quest sees him faced with a choice to end magic, or end suffering.

Taylor’s storyline is one that celebrates difference. Pip discovers his own strengths and how they help his friends and mentor. He isn’t always the most tactful of friends, but his positivity and desire to bring happiness to others is a trait his friends value and love about him.

This is a fantasy story with a difference, and the collective, made up of Masters and Postgraduate Students from the University of Southern Queensland, have successfully crowdsourced the funding for the production of the book.

I hoped that The Price of Magic would help to inspire people dealing with depression, as well as anxiety, physical disability, and terminal illness. The magic in the book was also intended as a metaphor for art – the idea came to me when I was sitting in the waiting room to see a counsellor (I had had a severe nervous breakdown) and found myself thinking “why are artists always such troubled people? It feels as if the more brilliant you are, the more screwed up you are”.— (via interview with Tsana Dolichva in August 2016

The book is due for print and digital release on 3 December 2016, and will be available on

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