Swipe for Mr. Right – Nicole Flockton


Diving into the world of online dating isn’t on the top of Caryn Stapleton’s to-do list, especially after her recent break-up. But loneliness has her signing up, and when Mr. Swipe Right suggests they meet up at Casa Blanca Resort in Barefoot Bay, she takes one more risk and agrees. Even if the date is a bust, she’ll at least get to spend time in a luxurious resort. When she sees her Mr. Swipe Right, all her previous disaster online dates are forgotten.

Sexy construction worker turned home improvement TV show host, Tom Carrington, is in Mimosa Keys to enjoy a well-earned break before filming the new season of his show. He likes the anonymity the resort gives him, so when a beautiful woman introduces herself and says they met on an online dating site, he’s immediately on guard. As far as pick-up lines go this one is original. Instinct tells him he should brush her off, but desire has him playing along at being her date.

With each passing day, the charade becomes a reality for Tom, and he knows the truth has to come out. Will coming clean tear them apart, or will a case of mistaken identity lead to Mr. and Mrs. Swipe Right.


I received an Advanced Reading Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 4.25 Stars

In today’s day and age, nobody meets organically anymore. I feel like meet-cutes are no longer a thing. In the 90’s, a couple would order the same drink at a coffee shop and both go to pick up their drink only to fall in love at first sight. Or some nonsense like that. Now, a girl can lay in bed in her baggiest sweats and t-shirt, wearing no make up, with her hair in a bun, while eating ice cream, and somehow meet Mr. Right via apps like Tinder (not that I’ve ever done such a thing, I prefer to browse Tinder while wearing my fleece Santa leggings, and I eat chocolate, not ice cream while doing so…huge difference). In Nicole Flockton’s latest novella, she takes the online dating game a step further. When Aussie Caryn suffers a horrifying break-up, she agrees to meet up with someone from a dating app for their first date at a resort…in America. Talk about adventure.

The entire premise of this book was just too cute for words. When Caryn arrives at the resort to meet the mysterious accountant, Brad, she has no idea that she has been catfished. Asshole Brad, as he will henceforth be known, lured poor Caryn to the resort using a picture of an American reality tv star, Tom. Tom, in the midst of a much needed vacation, thinks that Caryn is just another fan trying to get into his pants, and blows her off. Until he realizes that she has been catfished by Asshole Brad, at which point, instead of coming clean, he proceeds to pretend he IS the aforementioned asshole.

I liked both Caryn and Tom as narrators, Caryn was sweet, if a little naive, and Tom seemed to genuinely have his heart in the right place, despite the lie he chose to perpetrate. I imagined Tom as one of the Property Brothers – specifically, the hot one that does all of the actual renovating. As always, Flockton’s book managed to pack a very sexy punch. The sex scenes between Caryn and Tom were certainly steamy and didn’t feel like they happened too soon. By the time they fell into bed, they seemed to have developed a very real connection.

The only thing that prevented me from rating the book 5 stars was the lack of resolution with Asshole Brad. The book ended so quickly that we never got to see him get his comeuppance – something that I was dearly looking forward to. I almost wish that Flockton had included a Epilogue in which the happy couple discovers the identity of Asshole Brad and decide to thank him for getting them together in the first place. I’m no romance author, so I’m sure Flockton could’ve come up with something better, but you get the gist of what I’m saying here.

My Takeaway: With a premise that was cute as a button, Swipe for Mr. Right brought a smile to my face. While a little bit more of an ending would have made this book perfect to me, if you are a fan of HGTV hotties, this is the book for you. 

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