My Hellion, My Heart – Amalie Howard & Angie Morgan


He fought battles for crown and country. She waged war for his heart.

Lord Henry Radcliffe, the scarred but sinfully sexy Earl of Langlevit, is a beast. The only way Henry can exorcise the demons of his war-ravaged past is through intense physicality. In and out of bed. An endeavor that has no shortage of willing participants.

Intent on scandalizing London, Princess Irina Volkonsky is a hellion and every gentleman’s deepest desire…except for one. Irina knows better than to provoke the wickedly forbidding earl, but she will stop at nothing short of ruination to win the heart of the only man she’s ever loved.

But when one scandalous kiss makes dangerous passions ignite, neither of them can fight their sizzling attraction. When a sinister plot emerges to threaten them both, they will have to fight one last battle, this time for the ultimate prize…love.


I received an Advanced Reading Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 5 Stars

Swoon. I have a request: can Angie Morgan and Amalie Howard write my dream guy and then bring him back to life please? Seriously, each time I read one of their books, and decided I can’t possible love another of their male leads more, they write another man that I can’t help but fall in love with. If I take any more fictional husbands, people are going to start to talk…

In the last Lords of Essex book, Irina, Lana’s little sister makes a brief, but impactful appearance. The end of the book hinted at feelings for Henry, and had me hoping that their romance would be the next. Their romance, delivered all of the things I have come to expect from Howard and Morgan: chemistry, tension, passion, and oodles and oodles of longing.

What really differentiated this book from the rest, however, was the lack of real action. The previous books in the series are full of conflict in the form of the Masked Marauder and a murderous, power hungry uncle. I found myself enjoying the focus on character development in My Hellion, My Heart. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the first two books, they were both 5 star books for me, but given the emotional obstacles Henry and Irina had to overcome, it made sense for the main focus of the book to be on them, not an external conflict.

That being said, no Lords of Essex book is complete without a little drama and action. The end of the book packed a pleasant surprise. Howard and Morgan certainly have a gift for making a villain out of characters they’ve spent most of the book making you like.

My Takeaway: Unsurprisingly, My Hellion, My Heart was a riveting read full of steamy encounters, intrigue and sizzling romance. Morgan and Howard have successfully written another man for me to fall in love with, and rumor has it, their next book features a sexy Scot. These women and the men they write will be the death of me. Fortunately, I’ll likely die with a swoon induced smile on my face. 


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