Believing Bailey – Linda Kage


All Bailey Prescott wants is to wrangle a certain cowboy on campus. She spends most weekends searching the party crowds for him. One night, at a lame frat house, she finds herself trapped in a bathroom and ends up the sole witness to a crime…or not a crime?

Bailey’s one small voyeuristic moment has gigantic implications.

Now she’s forced to make a choice: forget what she saw and move on, or expose herself in order to save a man from spending years behind bars. Whatever her decision, her testimony is the key to everything. It may even open the door to her happily ever after. That is, if anyone actually believes her.

She just wanted to find her cowboy…how did she get mixed up in a mess like this?


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 5 Stars

Hello Book Babes! Let’s talk underrated authors! There are so many authors I honestly think are underrated, but to me, the most underrated of them all is Linda Kage. I have been a huge fan of her books for years, her Forbidden Men series is a yearly read for me. No joke, I actually read it every year over Christmas break. The entire series. I actually reached out to Linda a few days ago and embarrassingly fangirled, letting her know how much I loved her books and mentioning that I’d love to review them sometime! She was kind enough to send me a review copy of Becoming Bailey!

The issues in this book are no joke – I feel like there are so many stories about the effects of rape on people, and there should be, its a serious issue that needs to be addressed. This is honestly one of the first books I’ve read about the ramifications of a false accusation. In a humorous opening scene, Bailey witnesses consensual (for the most part, Beck didn’t seem too enthused actually) sex between our main man Beck and possibly one of the worst humans ever written. Bailey is so…excited by Beck’s reactions that she takes a picture, one that turns out to actually be a video. When Satan (AKA Melody) gets caught, she accuses Beck of rape and he is immediately arrested.

The first half of this book made me unspeakably mad, like seriously raging, pissed the hell off. I was mad at Bailey for a little while, then I was mad for Bailey, then I was LIVID for Beck. Fortunately, all was well in the end, and Linda wrote a really beautiful love story in the midst of a horrendous situation. Beck and Bailey had some serious chemistry, and I loved them both as main characters. They had a lot to work through and I loved that they grew together and separately.

My Takeaway: I can’t say enough good things about Linda Kage – I have read all of her books and will continue to read all of them. They are instant purchases for me and I really wish that more people knew about her pure awesomeness! In fact, I’m going to link the first book in the Forbidden Men series below, it really is a great read. Believing Bailey is the third book in this particular series, so if you want to read it, I recommend you start at the beginning!

Price of a Kiss – Forbidden Men 1

Fighting Fate – Granton University Book 1

Believing Bailey

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