The Lost Sisters by Holly Black


Sometimes the difference between a love story and a horror story is where the ending comes . . .

While Jude fought for power in the Court of Elfhame against the cruel Prince Cardan, her sister Taryn began to fall in love with the trickster, Locke.

Half-apology and half-explanation, it turns out that Taryn has some secrets of her own to reveal.

The Lost Sisters is a companion e-novella to the New York Times bestselling novel The Cruel Prince by master writer Holly Black.


I received an ARC of this novella in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 4 Stars

Alright, Dear Reader, I won’t lie to you, when I first heard about this novella, my initial reaction was, “UGH, Taryn? Why would I want to read anything else about her?”. However, I quickly got to thinking – her relationship with Locke was so confusing and unexpected, how did it get started? As though she read my thoughts (I’m half convinced Holly Black is fae herself) Holly Black provided all of the details!

Because books can’t be released like Netflix dramas, appearing on our TVs all at once, the wait for The Wicked King has seemed pretty long and unbearable. Fortunately, this novella has just a hint of Cardan, enough to hold any Cruel Prince lover over.

Through a letter, Taryn describes her side of things over the course of The Cruel Prince. Though she is still a character I love to hate, her side sheds some light on the way she was feeling and the way her relationship with Locke developed. I have to admit, the girl has a bit more backbone than I thought she did. Not only that, she and Jude have one thing in common, one very vital thing: they both want to be beloved by the fair folk. While this need makes Jude calculating and cruel at times, it made Taryn just a little bit harder than she was.

It was nice to get a look into the inner workings of Taryn’s mind, and the novella honestly helped me understand Jude just a little bit better. Seeing her through the eyes of her sister made aspects of her character that I hadn’t previously examined just a little bit clearer.

My Takeaway: Though it wasn’t nearly long enough, it was nice to dive back into the world of TCP! As always, I wished for more Cardan, but was interested to learn more about Taryn. Just remember, only 97 MORE DAYS UNTIL THE WICKED KING! 

PS – There is a The Wicked King excerpt in the back of this novella. If you haven’t already started it…GO GO GO!

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