Hotshot Doc – R.S. Grey


Dr. Russell has a bad reputation around our hospital. The scrub techs say he’s cold-blooded, the nurses say he’s too cocky for his own good, and the residents say he’s the best surgeon in the world—really, just a swell guy!—on the off chance he’s within earshot.

I try to avoid him and his temper at all costs. It’s just as easy to admire his sexy, grip-it-while-he’s ravishing-you hair and chiseled jaw from a healthy distance, preferably from the other end of the hallway half-hidden behind a plant.

Unfortunately, my plan crumbles when my trusty ol’ boss decides to swap his white coat for a Hawaiian shirt. His retirement leaves me with two terrible options: switch specialties and spend months retraining, or take an open position as Dr. Russell’s surgical assistant.

That means I have to stand near him in the OR for hours on end and anticipate his every need without letting his biting words and bad attitude intimidate me. Oh, and as if that’s not difficult enough, my silly crush on him—the one I’ve tried to stomp on until it disappears—might just be reciprocated.

It’s fine.
I’m fine.

I take my job seriously. There will be no smoldering bedroom eyes across the operating table, no angry almost-kisses in the storage closet. (Well, no more of those.)

What’s the phrase? An apple a day keeps the doctor away?
Maybe I should go for a whole damn bushel.

My Rating: 5 Stars

Let’s see if I can sell this book to you in three words: Broody. Hot. Doctor. Sold yet? If you aren’t, I’m not sure that we can be friends. I guess I’ll have to spend a little more time convincing you – which is fine because I can talk about R.S. Grey’s books all damn day.

Every single time I read a book by R.S. Grey, I think to myself, “That’s it, this is my favorite thing she has ever written.” A few months later she comes out with a new book and I’m reminded all over again why she’s my favorite. Her books consistently make me laugh out loud. Not only are they funny, they’re full of wonderful angst and the naughty bits are hot as all hell.

Dr. Russell (yes, this is how I would refer to him in person. Somehow it makes him hotter) was such a brooding bastard. I absolutely loved him when he was a dick and then I found myself loving him even more when he softened up. Seriously, I would let that man yell at me any day of the week.

Bailey might have been one of my favorite female leads thus far. I loved her relationship with her little sister and she was hilarious in general. She and Matt had some incredible chemistry and watching them fight it gave me butterflies. I wanted to take two Barbie dolls, name them Matt and Bailey, and push them together just to get some damn satisfaction. Their interactions were sweet, hilarious, sexy and just overall amazing.

Now are you convinced? Have you picked up the book yet? Good. Now read it and send me all of your feelings!


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