Talon the Black – Melissa Mitchell

What would you do if a dragon fell from the sky? Claire Evans is a small-towner from Indiana faced with this exact situation. When a dragon crash-lands in her corn field, she goes gallivanting off to find it.

This incident triggers a chain of events that sweep our heroine into a complicated plot to destroy a kingdom. At the heart of it is a powerful sorcerer whose only desire is to bring about a past long forgotten, a past that favors those of magical blood and condemns those who are not worthy, a past that would result in the annihilation of peace and the deaths of many.

Claire finds herself thrust into an old fashioned world liken to those she’s grown up reading about, one of fantasy and intrigue. There, she soon realizes that a lifetime of books hardly prepared her. She must face difficulties never before confronted, and in so doing, discover secrets about herself. All the while, there is one obstacle that ultimately stands in her way: The King of Dragonwall. And she needs him on her side if she is to succeed. Will such a thing be possible?


I received this book in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

I think you all probably know by now that I love a chunky book. 99% of the time I will choose a 500+ page book over anything under 400 pages. So when this beautiful (I mean look at the cover) thick book showed up at my apartment, I was so freaking excited! Hell, I’m still excited. Not only does Talon the Black look good on my shelf, it was a really enjoyable read as well.

My personal favorite thing about this book was the narration from one of the MCs, Claire. She was a little bit of a mess and it just made her so relatable. I love when authors make me feel like a character is telling me a story as though we are friends, and Claire’s narration gave me that feeling.

I thoroughly enjoyed the multiple POVs and also loved that there were multiple romance plotlines. Finishing this book made me want to immediately pick up the next book because I am dying to read more set in this world. The combination of modern and medieval stories had me intrigued from the beginning and kept me interested until the end.

My only tiny TINY gripe with this book was the pacing. At times, the plot moved a bit too slowly for my liking. For the most part, Talon the Black was fast paced, action packed and honestly just gripping, but there were parts that moved a bit too slowly to completely keep my interest. Fortunately, those parts passed and the book managed to suck me right back in.

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