The Fires of Vengeance – Evan Winter

**The Fires of Vengeance is the sequel to The Rage of Dragons, please read this review with that in mind as it may contain spoilers for book one in this series**

Desperate to delay an impending attack by the indigenous people of Xidda, Tau and his queen craft a dangerous plan. If Tau succeeds, the queen will have the time she needs to assemble her forces and launch an all-out assault on her own capital city, where her sister is being propped up as the ‘true’ Queen of the Omehi.

If the city can be taken, if Tsiora can reclaim her throne and reunite her people, then the Omehi might have a chance to survive the coming onslaught.


I received an early copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 5 Stars

Do you ever wish that you had some direct form of communication with the author of a book you’ve just finished so that you can ask them what they expect you to do with your life now? Hi, yes, Evan Winter? WHAT THE HELL DO I DO WITH MY FREAKING LIFE NOW? How am I expected to wait another year for the next book in this series? I honestly don’t think I’ll survive the wait. I need more Tau please.

Those who follow me on Tik Tok and Instagram probably know by now that The Rage of Dragons was one of my favorite reads of 2020, and as a result The Fires of Vengeance has been at the top of my most anticipated list. I was a little nervous for it, because how do you follow up The Rage of Dragons? This is how. The Fires of Vengeance is the exact opposite of a sophomore slump book.

The action in The Fires of Vengeance picks up right where book one left off, and from page one Evan Winter refuses to give his readers room to breathe. There was constant movement and action, and I felt both nervous and excited through the course of the entire book. I honestly think the last time a book had me so stressed was when I read Golden Son by Pierce Brown. This is a book to get your heart pounding for sure. Though Tau isn’t a strategist by any means, I enjoyed the warfare and the strategy employed in this book.

It amazed me how far Tau as a character has come from book one. In The Rage of Dragons I both loved and wanted to slap Tau as he made mistake after mistake. In true revenge plot style, Tau turned into an absolute badass and I find that I adore both versions of him equally.

The side characters from book one are just as prevalent in book two, so those who loved Jabari, Themba, Hadith, Kellan, and the others from Scale Jayyed will be pleased to see them. There are also some new additions to the cast and I enjoyed getting to know them. I never thought I would say it, but Themba and a new duo of handmaidens provided some much needed comedic relief and I definitely found myself laughing out loud more than once.

I’ve been recommending The Rage of Dragons to fans of The Poppy War and Red Rising because of the revenge plot, brutality, and war aspects and I will continue to do so after reading the sequel. This year The Rage of Dragons was named one of the top fantasy books of all time by Time and I find myself agreeing. This series will absolutely be cracking my top ten, and may move into my top five depending on how book three turns out.

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