Daughter of Dreams and Dread – Clare Kae

When fate tears Estelle Verndari from an ordinary world, dreams become a sinister new reality. In Kiliac, different is dangerous. Different means magic, and magic is punishable by death. 

Lost and alone in a forest of nightmares, Estelle is saved by Rose, a man with fire in his eyes and blood on his hands. But she must learn to survive this brutal new world if she ever hopes to make it home. As the forest becomes a sanctuary, Rose captures her heart, and Estelle discovers a secret magic in her soul—the ability to heal in a world full of ruin.

But an ancient power is calling her name. A tyrant king is drowning the forest in death, and taking up arms to defend it means giving up on finding her path home. If Estelle’s secret is uncovered, everything she’s grown to love will be destroyed.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

My Rating – 4 Stars

This book hugely surprised me in the BEST way! The book starts extremely quickly, throwing us right into the middle of this terrifying situation with the main character Estelle. One night, Estelle went to sleep in her own bed, and she woke up the next morning in a terrifying and unfamiliar land. When she is approached by men who obviously have nefarious plans for her, she is relieved to be rescued by a stranger named Rose. I loved the immediate banter between the two character, and really enjoyed that Estelle didn’t act like a damsel in distress. She was terrified, but held herself together and stayed strong throughout the book.

I really adored Estelle’s exploration of her new found magic, and was obsessed with the found family she discovered as well. The relationships between her Achilles, Tor, and Kiita were among my favorite and I felt that they really fleshed out the story as well as Estelle’s character.

Daughter of Dreams and Dread definitely takes a dark turn that readers will need to prepare for, but it was really well done.The author’s imagery put me solidly into the story, and I felt emotionally connected to Estelle. It quickly becomes a book that you are unable to put down and ended up being a very quick read for me.

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