Things I Wanted to Say But Never Did – Monica Murphy

Whit Lancaster burst into my life like a storm. Dark and thunderous, furious and fierce. Cold, heartless and devastatingly beautiful, like the statues in our prep school gardens. The school with his family name on the sign. He can do no wrong here. This is his domain.

He’s a menace on campus. Adored and feared. Hated and respected. His taunting words carve into my skin, shredding me to ribbons. Yet his intense gaze scorches my blood, fills me with a longing I don’t understand.

When I stumble upon him one night alone, I find him broken. Bleeding. My instincts scream to leave and let him suffer, but I can’t. I sneak him into my room. Clean him up. Fall for his lies. Let him possess every single part of me until I’m the one left a gasping, broken mess.

When he leaves me alone in the dead of night, he takes my journal with him.

Now he knows all my secrets. My hate. My truth. And he promises to use my words against me. I’ll be ruined if my darkest secret gets out.

That’s when I strike a bargain with the devil.

I’ll let Whit Lancaster ruin me behind closed doors instead.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 5 Stars

Spice Rating: 4.5 Eggplants

HOLY SHIT, WHIT LANCASTER! I’m generally a fan of bully romances, and I love books set at rich kid schools, but I did not see this book coming. I picked it up late last night and absolutely devoured it. I mean DEVOURED. This gorgeous book is 600 pages and I tore through them like a woman possessed. I read on my breaks, in between emails, and then finished the last 200 pages as soon as I’d clocked out for the day.

The bully aspect of this book was perfect. Sometimes bully romances go to far for me to truly find the character redeemable, but Whit was legitimately perfect. He put Summer down, but admired her strength and always protected her. He never went too far, in my opinion, and the chapters from his POV really helped show how conflicted he was about Summer and his growing attachment to her.

My general concern with long romance books is pacing, but that was not even remotely an issue for me with Things I Wanted to Say. The chapters flew by and the tension was present throughout. I had butterflies in my stomach from the beginning to the end.

Also…can we talk about Whit’s filthy mouth? Damn. DAAAAAMN. Just trust me and read it. You will not regret the choice. And then join me in begging Monica Murphy for a Sylvie and Spence story. We need it.

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