Into the Dying Light – Katy Rose Pool

**Do NOT read this synopsis or review if you haven’t read the first two books in this series. Book one is There Will Come a Darkness**

Following the destruction of the City of Mercy, an ancient god has been resurrected and sealed inside Beru’s body. Both are at the mercy of the Prophet Pallas, who wields the god’s powers to subjugate the Six Prophetic Cities. But every day, the god grows stronger, threatening to break free and sow untold destruction.

Meanwhile, far away from Pallas Athos, Anton learns to harness his full powers as a Prophet. Armed with the truth about how the original Prophets killed the god, Anton leads Jude, Hassan, and Ephyra on a desperate quest to the edge of the world. With time running out, the group’s tenuous alliance is beset by mounting danger, tumultuous romance, and most of all by a secret that Anton is hiding: a way to destroy the god at the price of an unbearable sacrifice. But the cost of keeping that secret might be their lives—and the lives of everyone in the Six Prophetic Cities.

I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 5 Stars

Do you ever finish a book, set it down, and then just put your hand on the cover and sigh? A lot of people ask what makes me decide to rate a book five stars, and it’s almost always that initial reaction after I’ve finished the book that makes up my mind. There is just something so satisfying about finishing a book and realizing that it was everything you hoped it would be. I love knowing that for a few hours I was entirely engrossed in this fictional world the author created. The characters are so present and important in my mind. It’s just the absolute best feeling, and only a five star read can give it to me.

That is absolutely how I felt about Into the Dying Light. Did it absolutely wreck me? Absolutely. Am I still crying as I type my review? Undoubtedly. It was all worth it though and I was so happy with the way Katy Rose Pool wrapped up this series that I loved so much. I have to say, this entire series kept me STRESSED. There wasn’t a single point at which I could see the series ending in any way that didn’t involve heartbreak. Things were amazing and terrifying, and I miss the characters and the world already.

I try to avoid spoiling things in reviews for sequels, which means that what I’m writing always feels a bit vague to me. I will say that what I loved most (well, second only to a particular romance that stole my heart completely) was the bond formed between the characters. Katy Rose Pool managed to take an ensemble cast of characters, almost all of whom didn’t know one another at the start of book one, and turn them into a group of friends with these incredible connections.

I just need Katy Rose Pool to write me more books. I’m obsessed and I just need more.

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