Liars – Dana Isaly

*Do NOT read this synopsis if you haven’t read Scars, the first book in this series*

My boys found me, but a rift has formed.

Weeks ago I was steadily gaining their trust, finding my place in their lives and their beds. Now, it seems I’m the wedge driving the three of them apart.

I’ve been beaten, starved, and kept in the dark. All to come back to three men who can’t agree whether I’m an ally or a mole. But we have bigger problems to solve.

There’s a new player in the game.

The latest contender for the Dulca throne just so happens to be my favorite cousin. He was my best friend, my partner in crime. If I can get my boys to trust me long enough to keep them from starting a war, my family’s secret weapon could end up being the key to bringing our organizations together.

But I have no clue what Motshan is hiding up his sleeve, and we might not be able to come back from the carnage it could cause.

I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reverse Harem is actually a genre that is completely new to me and can be really hit or miss. For me, it depends entirely on the group dynamic. I don’t just need for their to be chemistry between the guys and the girl individually, I also need for the group to make sense as a whole. I LOVE Eliot, Tristan and Seb together – they’re honestly such a perfect combination and I adore them with Scarlet.

This book was a bit more about the relationships between the four of them than the drama going on with Scarlet’s family, and I adored seeing them all come together. A bulk of the focus was on Scarlet and Eliot, and I really felt as though they needed the page time to get their shit in order. Seb was still there for just the right amount of comedic relief (he’s my favorite bloodthirsty cinnamon roll), and Tristan was the voice of reason. Together, they all just work.

Despite the fact that the book as a whole was focused more on their relationships, I was still STRESSED over the drama in the background. Dana made sure that we never forgot the very real threat of Scarlet’s family and I absolutely felt the tension throughout the book.

The ending was as explosive as I expected and I am officially DYING for book three. I need it in my hands right freaking now.

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