Secrets We Hunt – Dana Isaly

You can run, but you can’t hide, Little Doe.

Wes is in Greece when he catches a glimpse of wild brown hair in the crowd, sending a thrill down his spine. He’d know those curls anywhere. But she couldn’t be at the wedding of his best friend…right?

And yet, there she is, dancing with the bride, her smile as contagious as ever. It doesn’t take long for the spark between them to flare back to life. But Zoë left for a reason, and she’s worked hard all these years to keep it from him.

Zoë runs, and Wes chases. His primal instincts kicking into overdrive. This is his second chance, and he isn’t going to let her get away this time.

He knows she’s keeping secrets, and he’s determined to hunt them down.

I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

I’m officially naming Dana my SPICE QUEEN! Seriously, this woman can write any kink and make it spicy enough to have me sweating. All of her characters have crazy chemistry, and I may spend the rest of my life begging her to write me my very own book husband.

Wes and Zoë had spice, banter, tension, and their relationship definitely hit me in the feels. I loved their story and honestly can’t believe that Dana made me feel so emotionally connected to two characters in a book that takes place over the course of one night.

Their friends to lovers story, and their childhood history together GOT me, even though I’m not normally a friends to lovers. Ugh, Dana just gets me every time. The set up for the next book was PERFECT and it looks like book three will actually feature my favorite trope. I’m excited as hell.

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