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Lily Blackwood Interview

Thank you so much for having me here on AS THE BOOK ENDS BLOG!

The plot of the Highland Warriors series is relatively unique within the genre, how did you come up with the Kincaid brothers and their stories?

I’m so glad you think it is unique! When I read books, I love twisty, surprising plots, so my brain seems to want to create those types of stories as well. My favorite course in college was Medieval European History, taught by an amazing professor named Zoltan J. Kostolnyik (whose daughter is actually a NYC editor). I’d sit riveted in his class, as he recounted the tangled, thrilling…murderous and passionate stories of people who lived centuries ago. Such betrayals! Such love stories! And reading Scottish history, you really find all the inspiration you need to write an exciting love story, with life or death consequences. The clan divisions. The brutality of daily life. It would have been a real miracle to find someone you loved, with all your heart, and actually be able to live happily ever after with them. It’s thrilling for me to imagine how such stories would unfold.

As there are 3 brothers, will there only be 3 books in this series?

There are two fun projects coming up, that spin off from this series. Like most industries, publishing responds to demand. Hopefully readers will connect with these stories and want more! I’d love to expand the world of the Kincaids.

What upcoming projects can your readers to look forward to?

In 2017, in addition to THE WARRIOR OF CLAN KINCAID in May, I’ll have stories in two different anthology collections, put out by St. Martin’s Press. A lot of readers fell in love with Bridget, who had a turn of heart in THE BEAST OF CLAN KINCAID. Now a widow, she’ll find love where she never expected it. And readers may remember Mairi, Elspeth’s younger sister. All grown up, she’ll get to star in her own Christmas themed romance, where she discovers that a mysterious ghost in the mist is no ghost at all.

When will the cover for Warrior of Clan Kincaid be shared with the public?

There was actually a cover reveal in October, but it hasn’t made it onto Amazon yet! I’m happy to share it here! What do you think? When asked for inspiration ideas, I said Achilles (Brad Pitt) in Troy. I think the St. Martin’s Press art department did a fantastic job.


Which of the Kincaid brothers has been your favorite to write thus far, and why?

In some ways, Niall is my favorite, because his story is the cornerstone to the whole series, and so I fell in love with him first. But truthfully, each brother is my favorite when I write him. In order to make the story sing, I have to write him until he’s the only man I love, if that makes sense! 😀

Wonderful questions! Thank you for inviting me onto the blog to discuss them!



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