Fighting To Dream – Nicole Flockton


At the 2016 Rio Games, Olympic runner Drake Roberts is chasing a dream, a dream that isn’t his. For as long as he can remember it has been his father’s dream for him to be an Olympic gold medalist. Now an injury could rip away everything he’s worked so hard for.

Tamara York has her dream job. She’s part of the team that keeps the Olympic track and field athletes in peak condition. With plenty of growth potential, no one is going to deviate her from her goals, until she sees Drake hiding his injury. Now she has to help Drake to a full recovery while resisting his charms.

Can time spent together help them realize that love as well as dreams are worth fighting for?


My Rating: 3.5 Stars

You know, I’m really starting to think that I have vastly underestimated Amazon’s knowledge of my favorite kind of book. This book is undeniable proof that the ‘Zon, as Nicole Flockton herself recently dubbed it, knows exactly what I’m looking for. Fighting to Dream popped up in my Kindle Unlimited recommended reads a while ago and I have finally gotten around to reading it. I am so glad that I did, it was exactly what I needed this week – a fun, light read, with a beautifully told love story.

I’ve personally never been a huge fan of novellas in the romance genre. I never feel as though I’ve gotten the whole story, and the romance often feels rushed. Most romance novellas are about 65% sex, 10% character development, 5% feelings fighting, and 20% actual, enjoyable plot. Fortunately, Nicole Flockton managed to pleasantly surprise me with this book. The sex scenes, while steamy, didn’t overwhelm the short book, and I did grow attached to the main characters Drake and Tamara – a rarity for me while reading a novella. Even though they fell in love over the course of only two weeks, their relationship didn’t feel at all rushed. Also, I have to admit that in a genre dominated by football, soccer, and hockey players, it was refreshing to read about a track star.

The secondary characters were great and managed to add to the plot without taking it over. Fans of The Elite series will be happy to hear that Flockton gives us touching glimpses of Julia and Mitch’s relationship as well (I haven’t read their book yet, but plan to as soon as this review is published).

Although my overall impression of the book was undeniably positive, I do wish that we had gotten to see more of Tamara and Drake’s history. It is briefly mentioned that they met previously while Tamara was helping Drake with his knee injury, and I feel as though Flockton missed an opportunity to lengthen the book and develop the characters a bit more. Also, while it is abundantly  clear that Flockton is a talented author, with a real skill for writing lovable characters, there were some grammatical errors that just kind of niggled at my subconscious. Small things really, such as: the redundant use of certain words, sentences that felt either cut off or too long, and the very occasional misuse of punctuation. All things that could be remedied by another run through of the book by an editor.

My Takeaway: A quick, light read, Fighting to Dream was a great way to kick off my 2017. If you’re looking for a sweet romance story, with a fast moving plot, and some seriously steamy sex scenes, this is the book for you. I look forward to reviewing the next book in the series later this month!

Look for my interview with the Author in at the end of this month!

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