Ashes of the Sun – Django Wexler

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Long ago, a magical war destroyed an empire, and a new one was built in its ashes. But still the old grudges simmer, and two siblings will fight on opposite sides to save their world, in the start of Django Wexler’s new epic fantasy trilogy

Gyre hasn’t seen his beloved sister since their parents sold her to the mysterious Twilight Order. Now, twelve years after her disappearance, Gyre’s sole focus is revenge, and he’s willing to risk anything and anyone to claim enough power to destroy the Order.

Chasing rumors of a fabled city protecting a powerful artifact, Gyre comes face-to-face with his lost sister. But she isn’t who she once was. Trained to be a warrior, Maya wields magic for the Twilight Order’s cause. Standing on opposite sides of a looming civil war, the two siblings will learn that not even the ties of blood will keep them from splitting the world in two.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 4 Stars

Let me just start by saying this: I don’t remember the last time a completely new TO ME author pulled me into a new world so quickly. Usually when being introduced to both a new author and a new world at the same time, it takes me a while to adapt to both the writing style and the magic system.  Ashes of the Sun, however, managed to suck me in immediately. A lot of first books in a series suffer from slower pacing as the author tries to establish the world and magic system. Somehow, Wexler skipped over that and wrote a book that had me instantly intrigued and not at all confused by the new realm I was exploring.

I found both main characters, Maya and Gyre to be immensely likable and so completely different. Having been separated twelve years prior to the main events of the book, they were living unimaginably different lives. Normally when I’m reading a book with multiple POVs, I am more interested in one POV than the other. In this book I honestly can say that I enjoyed both main characters equally.

Even the supporting cast was fascinating, fun and held my interest. Their anecdotes had me laughing and I was endeared enough to all of them that I found myself hoping for my favorites to survive.

Ashes of the Sun was full of action full of unique fights that didn’t drag on too long or get too confusing. The pacing was fast, keeping me fully invested from beginning to end. If you’re looking for an amazing new fantasy series that will keep you on your toes, look no further!

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