The Summoning – S.V. Filice

ISABELLE LOFFLIN lived an ordinary life until her mom mysteriously died four months ago. Now, with the help of her boyfriend, Jeremy, Isabelle is forced to take care of her younger sister, Brett. When Isabelle arranges to have Brett meet a psychic in the hopes of reuniting with their mother, everything goes wrong.

The round-trip turns one-way when the train drives further from Feathercoe. Separated from her family, Isabelle discovers the train has only one stop: a secluded camp that excels in teaching lessons of good and evil. What she doesn’t expect to find is a daring redhead, a spunky Hispanic and a pair of captivating eyes that are too black to pass as brown. Isabelle must decide which fight is more important—finding her sister or achieving moral balance to stay alive.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 4 Stars

As a general rule, short books worry me. One of the hardest things an Author has to do within the pages of a book is develop their characters. I’m always concerned about the depth of character development possible in a book with a low page count. Color me incredibly pleasantly surprised by this novel. Somehow, S.V. Filice managed to make me feel immediately connected to the main character. She was likable right off the bat, and I continued to like her throughout the book. I have to say, she handled everything thrown in her path much better than I would have.

The romance in this was so swoony. SO SWOONY! There was so much emotion and the tension was legitimately palpable. You all know I have a weakness for black haired boys, so of course I loved the romantic interest in this.

If you’re a fan of a school setting, you will absolutely devour this book. As soon the school was introduced, I found myself hooked. This was already a quick read, but The Summoning ‘s strength lies in it’s unique premise, a premise that really comes to life at the camp, where Isabelle focuses on the difference between good and evil.

While this wasn’t perfect, and had a couple of pacing issues, it was an impressive start for a debut YA Fantasy Author. I honestly can’t wait to read more from her and more of this series in particular!

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