Akelarre in New York – M.H. Gorostiza

Lilith arrives in 21st century Manhattan to reunite with British spy Benjamin Solomon. Together, they will fight a criminal organization that plans on sending a suspicious shipment from Latin America. In this dangerous mission, Lilith will meet a set of diverse New York characters, ones that will evoke both the lights and shadows of her past life in the 17th century Kingdom of Navarre.

History and mythology, reality and fantasy, adventure and mystery: Akelarre in New York is the first book in a fascinating saga whose protagonist invites us, on every page, to join her in the search for her own truth.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 4 Stars

You know what I love? Picking up a book with zero expectations and falling in LOVE with the story. When I go into a book I read the synopsis of the book before starting it, of course, but this time I also didn’t read any reviews. Color me pleasantly surprised to find that this is magical realism with a totally badass immortal main character! This book was translated from Spanish to English by the author herself, which is amazing and means that absolutely nothing is lost in translation.

The first thing to really grab me about this book was the original and engrossing writing format. The story is told in both the past and the present, and the contains texts, emails, and letters, all of which are really beautifully woven into the plot. While it is a low fantasy and is set in our current world (in my favorite city, in fact) there are elements of magic and the paranormal.

I loved that the story was historically accurate and it is definitely clear that the Author did a lot of research when writing this story. She included not only past events, but also current events in the world and in politics. Overall the detail that went into this book really fleshed out the setting, plot and characters for me.

Because of the way the narration was done, there were parts of the book that were confusing for me. I felt like the reader was left to put Lilith’s story together piece by piece. This made it a bit difficult to fully grasp exactly what type of immortal Lilith was. While I was able to get caught up, it did make the start of the book slightly difficult to keep up with.

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