The Space Between Us – Jamaal Aflatooni

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An outcast boy, Darwin Sanders, learns just what an outsider he really is. The world he grew up knowing that was carefully crafted for him comes crashing down when he learns of his true identity. The world itself is put to the test when it learns the same about Darwin.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

I have to start my review by saying that I LOVE the cover of this book, but wish that it had a more comprehensive synopsis. The Author reached out to me and offered a copy to review, and had he not described the book to me in his message, I may not have agreed to read and review. The synopsis of a book is what draws a reader in second, after the cover. I feel that the blurb for Space Between Us doesn’t do the story inside justice.

This was a very unique sci-fi in that it dealt with very real world problems in a pretty heavy way. Although some of the monologuing threw off the pacing for me personally, I did feel for the main character Darwin and definitely felt myself rooting for him. I loved reading about his budding friendship and friendship with Tyler and was so happy for Darwin to have someone in his corner.

While the majority of the book did read to me like a contemporary, it was a relatively fast read. I was interested in what was happening and then ending definitely intrigued me. The Author has an easy to read writing style and as long as pacing is worked on in future books, I will definitely read more of his work!

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