Murderer of Dreams – Paul Taffinder

The stars fell.
The oceans boiled and flooded the land.
A darkness descended.
ECHREXAR murdered our dreams

There was a time, before the breaking of the Golden Age of the world, when the peoples were as the birds of the air – of a thousand forms – and each of the thousand spoke no single tongue. Until Echrexar, the eater of a million million souls. Echrexar laid waste the land and the sea and darkened the skies so that the people were nearly no more. But the 10,000 Immortals saved the people in their refuges. And it was the black-robed Exarchs of the Faith, sent forth from the whitestone pyramid temple at Cise Hook, who gave them the archives and the teachings.

Eslin grew up with a small band of survivors beneath the permafrost of the deep Svalbard refuge, thrown back into an in-between time of perpetual darkness and grim survival underground. As the world recovers, it has entered a new Dark Age of dream wanderers who foretell the future, fanatics of the Faith and, among the old fortresses, internecine purges between the Lords of Kiangsu Realm. In this febrile empire, Eslin has found a new role as Skava, the spymaster of the once-powerful Kingdom of Honam, fired by a passionate intensity to rebuild the world and all its dreams. Working in the shadows, she must re-unite the old kingdoms and consolidate her power. But she has a terrible secret, both curse and blessing: she is one of the last of the Immortals. Her ancient enemies know it and they have found her again. Harbin of the Hundred Islands and the assassin Kesmet are on her trail, together with the brutal Hunters of Heretics, pursuing her through the deep forests and across the snow-capped High Alnaes mountains.

In this battle for the future, only one side can triumph.

Conjured on an epic scale, Murderer of Dreams is a brilliantly original portrayal of a post-apocalyptic dominion of nobles, spies, zealots and assassins whose passions, conspiracies and predatory ambitions have sprung twisted from the mythology of a destroyed world.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 4 Stars

Admittedly, I am a sucker for a lot of things. I love a good cover, a good brooding bad boy, a strong but likable main character…Do you know what I like the most though? Some good world building. The reviews for Murderer of Dreams had me so excited to dive in, and this book didn’t disappoint at all. I was honestly blown away by the amount of detail that was packed into a book that was still such an easy read. There was no info-dumping and I never felt bogged down in information.

As previously mentioned, I do love a good strong main character, and Eslin was exactly what I was looking for. She was relatable, strong, fearless and just a little bit mysterious and morally gray while still being immensely likable. I love a good anti-hero done well and look forward to seeing where her story goes in the next book! I also enjoyed the overall diversity of the cast of characters and look forward to seeing more of them in future books. I felt that the Author did a great job of highlighting character motivations and emotions while developing not only the main character but the side characters as well.

Overall this was extremely well written and I found that Paul Taffinder had an easy flowing writing style that made the book a breeze to get through.

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