Timber – Tate James

Timber is the FOURTH in a new Shadow Grove series. Several characters cross over to the Madison Kate series but it is not necessary to read MK’s story first. HADES is a contemporary new adult reverse harem series, which means the leading lady has several love interests and never has to choose in order to find her HEA.

The blurb below contains spoilers for previous books. Don’t read it if you don’t want to ruin the story for yourself.

I mean it. Please don’t spoil the story if you’re not yet up to this book.

You’ve been warned.


My best friend, my right hand, the man I trusted above all others. Zayden de Rosa declared his love for me and pursued me until he shattered the walls between us. Then the man who loved me proved to be a traitor. I never saw that coming.


My fierce lover, he died to protect me. Let me kill him and erase him so he could move in the shadows. He’s out there alone and he has no idea what’s happened. All he’ll know is that I’m not where I’m supposed to be. Something that might cost him his life for real. I have to trust him to survive on his own. He never saw that coming.


My lighthouse. My lover. My Lucas. I love him so damn much and while I might be guilty of some crimes, the worst seems to be hurting him. The majority of what they arrested me for was a damn lie, but not that one. Hopefully the light he promised me will sustain through this time. We never saw that coming.


My ex is at the heart of this all. One assault after another. He didn’t break me before and he won’t break me now.

I’m Hades.

He’ll never see me coming.

I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 5 Stars

It isn’t even a little bit of an exaggeration for me to say that I have thought about Timber at least once every day since I finished Club 22. THAT ENDING WAS BRUTAL! Easily one of the most shocking cliffhangers I’ve experienced in recent years.

Timber was absolutely perfect. The beginning was incredibly dark but I loved that way that Tate not only showed us the trauma Hades went through, but showed her recovery in a way that was both heartbreaking and perfect for the scenario. I loved every single part of her story and am still totally obsessed with Hades. She is easily the most bad bitch in dark contemporary romance.

The best part of this book is the way that Tate James handled the group dynamic. The four of them work together so damn well. She even made their kinks play together well, and I felt as thought their personalities meshed incredibly well for a group that came together slowly. Most RH romance is between a girl and a group of guys who have been friends for years. Lucas, Zed and Cass went from being strangers or rivals, to part of a really incredible polyamorous group. This book is the standard to which I will hold all RH from now on.

I’m loving that there was a possible Persephone series, and actually hope that she gets her own story now that I like her as a character.

This message is specifically for Tate: I AM GOING THROUGH WITHDRAWALS ALREADY. I need your next book now. Kthanksbye

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