On Location – Sarah Echavarre Smith

Nothing like a rocky start between enemy coworkers stuck together on location to prove that love isn’t just a ploy for ratings—it’s a force of nature.

Alia Dunn has finally gotten her big break. After years of working her way up at TV’s top outdoor travel channel, she gets the green light from network executives to bring her dream project to life: produce a series about Utah’s national parks. It’s a touching tribute to her late apong, who sparked Alia’s passion for travel and the outdoors as a kid.

Alia is thrilled—until she meets her newest crew member, Drew Irons. The same Drew she had the most amazing first date with two weeks ago—who then ghosted her. The same Drew who has the most deliciously thick forearms and who loves second-guessing her every move on set in front of the entire crew. It’s not long before the tension between them turns hotter than the Utah desert in the dead of summer, and their steamy encounters lead to major feelings.

But when the series host goes rogue one too many times, jeopardizing the entire shoot, Alia realizes that she’ll need to organize one hell of a coup to save her show—and she’ll need Drew’s help to do it. It’s the riskiest move she’s ever made. If she pulls it off, she’ll end up with a hit series and her dream guy . . . but if it all goes wrong, she could lose both.

I received an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review

My Rating: 3 Stars

I really really wanted to like this book. The premise is incredible, and I loved that the women in it all supported each other. Honestly, the friendships were what kept me going in this one. Unfortunately, when the entire plot of a romance novel is dependent on miscommunication, it just isn’t for me. There was constant miscommunication, and it was so clear every single time that the main characters wanted to be together but just weren’t talking about it. Hell, even the major conflict at the end of the book happened because of miscommunication. By about halfway through the book I was screaming at my kindle and begging for the characters to just TALK TO ONE ANOTHER. They were in their thirties!

Additionally, I just really didn’t feel the chemistry between the two main characters. I just didn’t feel their banter or tension. One of my favorite things about romance novels is that when I find a book with a really great couple, I can feel their chemistry and it gives me secondhand butterflies. I was honestly very underwhelmed by the couple in this. Even when they fought, it wasn’t usually founded on anything real. Someone would feel snippy and they’d fight, or there would be another miscommunication and they’d fight. Again, I was much more interested in the friendships than the romance.

What I really enjoyed was the focus on nature. The Author did a great job of highlighting the parks they visited, and I can honestly say that I would love to visit Utah, which is not a sentence I expected to type in a book review.

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